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Contributed by @ladybugthepug

Three years ago Ladybug went through a serious surgery for a condition called Intervertebral Disc Disease. It is when the squishy parts of your disc collapse and compress on your spinal cord. Ladybug gave me a huge scare that day when she suddenly couldn't walk properly! Luckily, she had a fantastic team of doctors and specialists to help her through. Since the surgery, Ladybug has done well. However, Ladybug can still have stiff back days! One of my most favourite go to natural treatments is hemp oil (cannabadiol)...also known as CBD. The major misconception is that dogs will get high off of CBD. This is COMPLETELY UNTRUE! Cannabadiol does not contain any psychoactive components like THC. It provides great pain control by targeting receptors in your nervous system! Perfect for Ladybug so she can continue to live a happy life pain free!