CBD Oil and Your Dog's Anxiety


Submitted by Amber Drake

Does your dog become extremely anxious during a thunderstorm? Do all those loud noises, bangs, and flashes of light get to her? Does she run and hide when she’s feeling anxious? Does she become extremely stressed when there’s a lot going on in the house?

If so, CannaCanine’s CBD Oil could be the best solution for your dog’s situational anxiety. Let me tell you why.

How Does CBD Help Anxiety in Dogs?

We have talked about this in earlier articles. But, Cannabidiol (CBD) has been a solution for our anxiety (as humans) and we have now moved to helping our dog’s anxiety.

What makes us think that since CBD oil helps our anxiety, it will help our dogs as well? As you know from CannaCanine’s website and our past articles, dogs have an endocannabinoid system like ours (as humans). Basically, this means the receptors in their bodies that control their anxiety levels are like the ones found in our bodies.

The receptors in the endocannabinoid system are responsible for maintaining our anxiety and stress levels. If our dog is feeling anxious, the endocannabinoid receptors aren’t communicating with each other very well to keep the dog calm. When CBD enters the body, the receptors work better amongst one another which results in a release of tension.

What Type of Anxiety Does CBD Help With?

In the dog world, there are two types of anxiety your dog could experience; behavioral and situational. And, it’s entirely possible for your dog to experience both types.

The most common type of anxiety experienced by dogs is situational. If your dog has situational anxiety, their anxiety may be heightened when they encounter certain experiences. Common examples of situational anxiety include: travel, thunderstorms, fireworks, unfamiliar people in the home, too many people in the home.

Dogs who have behavioral anxiety most commonly experience separation anxiety or aggression. In these cases, CBD can help calm the dog so they’re able to focus, but they will need a Canine Behaviorist to resolve the problem.

Situational anxiety may also require a Canine Behaviorist but isn’t generally an issue where a Canine Behaviorist is a necessity. Prior to contacting a Canine Behaviorist for your dog’s separation anxiety, you can try CBD oil and discover the results you have. You could notice a significant difference in your dog’s situational anxiety simply by administering CannaCanine’s CBD oil. Then, you wouldn’t need to hire a Canine Behaviorist. You could provide CBD oil for your dog before an ‘episode’ is about to occur so your dog’s brain can let them know all is okay.

What Do Testimonials Say?

When I am looking at products, before I read the description, the first place I tend to look is the Testimonials Page. If the testimonials aren’t good, it’s not likely the product will work for my dog. Or, at least it’s less likely, right?

We have compiled a few here for you to read through. But, feel free to look for yourself, too.

“Scheff is a rescued bichon-poodle from Napa and was so grateful to be taken off the streets and into the loving home of his dog mama. Being a rescue comes with some separation anxiety, so Scheff can get a little anxious any time he's about to be left alone or heading into a new environment. He becomes extremely clingy and whines whenever his human is not within eyesight. When traveling, we mix a little bit of CBD oil with some peanut butter an hour before we leave. The result is smooth sailing for both Scheff and his mom with a chill pup ready to take on the world!” -Scheff

“Lyla is a sixteen-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who suffers from numerous health issues related to old age and anxiety. There was a rapid decline in her health and demeanor over the last couple of months. She would constantly shake due to stress when I left the house and even when I was home. Lyla used to be at the door ready to me with her tail wagging, alert, and wanting to be let out. Instead, I would come home to find she had urinated all over the floor. Her energy levels were too low for her to even get up and say hi. Lyla was raised in an Italian household so naturally she loved food. Carrots, bananas and pasta being among her favorites. She would hardly touch these foods due to the loss of her appetite. With no appetite, she was lethargic and slept all day. Fetch was of little interest to her as this required too much effort. Even when I asked her to give me paw for a treat she wouldn't be interested... in trick nor treat. Our friends at CannaCanine were beginning to bake CBD dog treats and we started to give them to Lyla. The CBD treats reignited her fiery Jack Russell temperament and spirit in just over a month. At first, it was the little things I noticed like her greeting me at the door and the sudden return her of appetite. She began to bark again to be let out and would demand for food and treats! Lyla was back to chasing squirrels and barking at intruders that threatened her backyard domain. She doesn't shake or have anxiety anymore but seeks out affection and her tail is back to wagging happily. CBD has helped Lyla rejuvenate herself so she can enjoy her senior years in comfort...much to the dismay of neighborhood squirrels!” -Lyla

The Bottom Line

We suggest administering CannaCanine’s CBD oil about 30 minutes before an expected ‘episode.’ The oil is easy to administer… give your dog a treat with the oil or place the oil directly in her mouth.

If you think your dog would be more interested in a treat, CannaCanine has Verde Gluten & Egg Free CBD Dog Treats available in their Shop.

You might be asking if the treats are equally as healthy as their CBD oil. Yes! They are… and we happily list the ingredients right on our website (organic honey, organic banana, organic peanut butter, organic unsweetened applesauce, organic rice flour, organic rosemary extract, organic flaxseed, organic hemp CBD oil).

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