Man's Best Friend...or Wing Man?


While that unmistakable wet dog scent may not scream romance, did you know having a dog can actually help you get a date? Research shows people with pets (more specifically human’s best friends) are more likely to meet a significant other.

So, in the spirit of the season of love, you may want to treat Fido to something a little extra special this Valentine’s Day.

How a dog can help you score a date

Dogs owners have a dating advantage because when you have a pup, who drags you out of the house daily, you’re more likely to be in positions and places where you can meet people. Whether you take Bingo to a dog park or you go for a walk downtown, literally “getting out there” more often will lead to an increased likelihood in meet cutes with…well, cuties.

More importantly, what’s a better icebreaker than a furry, barking ball of love? Apparently, not many things. It’s been proven that people are more likely to approach you when you’re walking a dog. Why? Because they have an excuse to do so – duh! Instead of an awkward (and totally random), “Hi; how are you?” you’ve already given that cute stranger the perfect puppy excuse to approach you.

And, if you both have dogs, you already have something in common! People who like animals tend to be more adventurous, compassionate and social creatures (pun intended), so if you take a chance (or a walk), you may find your perfect match at the end of a leash.

Regardless of the day, dogs make life a little sweeter

Even if this Valentine’s Day, your furry friend doesn’t secure you the sweetheart of your dreams, you can still enjoy going for a stroll and sharing in some human and doggie treats. Enjoy your day together and don’t forget to go for a walk – you never know who could be just around the collar!