Submitted by Mean Ewing

This is Gandalf and he was rescued from a high kill shelter in California and now resides in Ontario. When he was 5 years old, he started to have seizures. At his worst, he was having a few a week.  After years of trying different medications and diets, nothing was helping him. We decided to give CannaCanine CBD a try and boy are we ever glad we did. He’s going on 7 months of using the CBD oil and has only had 1 seizure in that time and it was the most minor one he’s ever had. We couldn’t be happier to finally have some relief for our little guy. Gandalf is 11 lbs and we give him 1/2 a dropper a day with his dinner and he now comes and sits and let’s us drop it in his mouth but I think it’s because he knows dinner is the reward :) Thanks CannaCanine!