Submitted by Cindy

I've been giving my 12-yr-old bull terrier CanaCanine for the past 1 1/2 years.

I originally started him on it for pain management for the severe arthritis in his back hips.

Chance could barely walk, was getting senior dementia, and had cataracts starting.

His vet prescribed pain management meds that cause kidney and liver failure, to the point he would need a levels check every 3 months.

This seemed way worse than arthritis to me, so I researched your product and reviews and liked what I saw.

Within 2 days of starting him on the 1,000 mg CanaCanine bottle, he was walking fine again.

The bonus was how well and immediately the dementia symptoms ceased for the most part and he can still see over a year later.

He still has occasional bad days as old dogs do, but the CBD oil has given him a much, much better quality of life for his final years.

I ran out a few weeks ago for 3 days and all his symptoms came back. As soon as I got a new bottle he's back to normal again.

I have no doubts about the effectiveness of the product. I don't think I would still have him with me without it.

I have highly recommended this product to everyone with a senior as a supplement even before they develop issues.