Submitted by Elisa Marchese 

We got Luna when she was 4 months old. She weighed under 20 pounds and you could see almost every bone in her body. We were told by her previous owner that she wasn’t eating because she was just a picky eater and to not be concerned about her appearance. We knew as soon as we saw herthat she was sickand that she was being neglected. One day her behaviour changed from being a joyful, jumping, playful, nub-wagging puppy to a completely lethargic, arched back, crying out in pain and very fatigued pup.We later discovered that Luna has renal dysplasia, which is a type of kidney disease that results in one or two failed kidneys and usually goes undetected until the kidneys are down to 25% functioningwhich only thensymptoms will arise. Unfortunately, we noticed through an ultrasound that she had one shriveled kidney and one abnormally large kidney that looked inflamed. She also had puppy vaginitis (which is common for female pups)on top of that and a UTI not long after.Needless to say, Luna wasn’t doing so good overall, she was still very underweight, and she was getting other infections along the way which made her even more weak…we didn’t think she was going to make it at one point. But, with the help of pain killers, a diet change and some antibiotics she was getting back on track. Luna still wasn’t the same though, and we didn’t want to keep her on pain killers forever.Therefore, we started talking to relatives about her condition and luckily, we were referred to CannaCanine for CBD oil to help with inflammation. We started her on a bottle right away and within 2 weeks of her being on the 1000 Mg bottle of CBD oil we noticed a significant change in her behaviour. Luna was more alert, playful, pain freeand had a bigger appetite. Months later, when she was due for a check up our vet was shocked to see that 3 out of 4 of Luna’slevels that were too high went back down to normal (which was incredibly exciting news for us. It was a huge improvement).Luna also progressively gained a healthy amount of weightwhich was great! If it wasn’t for CannaCanine and their CBD oil were not sure how Luna would be today. Now to this day she is doing amazing, she is stable and back to being her happy, goofy, loving, active self and for that we couldn’t be happier! We would defiantly recommend CBD oil to other animals who might be suffering.

Thank you so much CannaCanine!!


Luna, Andrew & Elisa 

CBD Oil and Your Dog's Anxiety


Submitted by Amber Drake

Does your dog become extremely anxious during a thunderstorm? Do all those loud noises, bangs, and flashes of light get to her? Does she run and hide when she’s feeling anxious? Does she become extremely stressed when there’s a lot going on in the house?

If so, CannaCanine’s CBD Oil could be the best solution for your dog’s situational anxiety. Let me tell you why.

How Does CBD Help Anxiety in Dogs?

We have talked about this in earlier articles. But, Cannabidiol (CBD) has been a solution for our anxiety (as humans) and we have now moved to helping our dog’s anxiety.

What makes us think that since CBD oil helps our anxiety, it will help our dogs as well? As you know from CannaCanine’s website and our past articles, dogs have an endocannabinoid system like ours (as humans). Basically, this means the receptors in their bodies that control their anxiety levels are like the ones found in our bodies.

The receptors in the endocannabinoid system are responsible for maintaining our anxiety and stress levels. If our dog is feeling anxious, the endocannabinoid receptors aren’t communicating with each other very well to keep the dog calm. When CBD enters the body, the receptors work better amongst one another which results in a release of tension.

What Type of Anxiety Does CBD Help With?

In the dog world, there are two types of anxiety your dog could experience; behavioral and situational. And, it’s entirely possible for your dog to experience both types.

The most common type of anxiety experienced by dogs is situational. If your dog has situational anxiety, their anxiety may be heightened when they encounter certain experiences. Common examples of situational anxiety include: travel, thunderstorms, fireworks, unfamiliar people in the home, too many people in the home.

Dogs who have behavioral anxiety most commonly experience separation anxiety or aggression. In these cases, CBD can help calm the dog so they’re able to focus, but they will need a Canine Behaviorist to resolve the problem.

Situational anxiety may also require a Canine Behaviorist but isn’t generally an issue where a Canine Behaviorist is a necessity. Prior to contacting a Canine Behaviorist for your dog’s separation anxiety, you can try CBD oil and discover the results you have. You could notice a significant difference in your dog’s situational anxiety simply by administering CannaCanine’s CBD oil. Then, you wouldn’t need to hire a Canine Behaviorist. You could provide CBD oil for your dog before an ‘episode’ is about to occur so your dog’s brain can let them know all is okay.

What Do Testimonials Say?

When I am looking at products, before I read the description, the first place I tend to look is the Testimonials Page. If the testimonials aren’t good, it’s not likely the product will work for my dog. Or, at least it’s less likely, right?

We have compiled a few here for you to read through. But, feel free to look for yourself, too.

“Scheff is a rescued bichon-poodle from Napa and was so grateful to be taken off the streets and into the loving home of his dog mama. Being a rescue comes with some separation anxiety, so Scheff can get a little anxious any time he's about to be left alone or heading into a new environment. He becomes extremely clingy and whines whenever his human is not within eyesight. When traveling, we mix a little bit of CBD oil with some peanut butter an hour before we leave. The result is smooth sailing for both Scheff and his mom with a chill pup ready to take on the world!” -Scheff

“Lyla is a sixteen-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who suffers from numerous health issues related to old age and anxiety. There was a rapid decline in her health and demeanor over the last couple of months. She would constantly shake due to stress when I left the house and even when I was home. Lyla used to be at the door ready to me with her tail wagging, alert, and wanting to be let out. Instead, I would come home to find she had urinated all over the floor. Her energy levels were too low for her to even get up and say hi. Lyla was raised in an Italian household so naturally she loved food. Carrots, bananas and pasta being among her favorites. She would hardly touch these foods due to the loss of her appetite. With no appetite, she was lethargic and slept all day. Fetch was of little interest to her as this required too much effort. Even when I asked her to give me paw for a treat she wouldn't be interested... in trick nor treat. Our friends at CannaCanine were beginning to bake CBD dog treats and we started to give them to Lyla. The CBD treats reignited her fiery Jack Russell temperament and spirit in just over a month. At first, it was the little things I noticed like her greeting me at the door and the sudden return her of appetite. She began to bark again to be let out and would demand for food and treats! Lyla was back to chasing squirrels and barking at intruders that threatened her backyard domain. She doesn't shake or have anxiety anymore but seeks out affection and her tail is back to wagging happily. CBD has helped Lyla rejuvenate herself so she can enjoy her senior years in comfort...much to the dismay of neighborhood squirrels!” -Lyla

The Bottom Line

We suggest administering CannaCanine’s CBD oil about 30 minutes before an expected ‘episode.’ The oil is easy to administer… give your dog a treat with the oil or place the oil directly in her mouth.

If you think your dog would be more interested in a treat, CannaCanine has Verde Gluten & Egg Free CBD Dog Treats available in their Shop.

You might be asking if the treats are equally as healthy as their CBD oil. Yes! They are… and we happily list the ingredients right on our website (organic honey, organic banana, organic peanut butter, organic unsweetened applesauce, organic rice flour, organic rosemary extract, organic flaxseed, organic hemp CBD oil).

Take a stroll through the shop to see the other helpful products today!


How Could CBD Help My Dog's Arthritis?



Contributed by Amber Drake

Watching your dog go through a debilitating illness is devastating. It becomes even more devastating as the systems progress. Does your dog suffer from chronic pain day in and day out from their arthritis? Does she have trouble being comfortable? Trouble relaxing? If so, CBD oil could be the answer for you.

What’s Arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition not even dogs can escape. Generally, arthritis is most common in older dogs, but younger dogs could experience arthritis, too.

One in five dogs develop arthritis. That’s a significant number of dogs when you think about it. 1/5 of all dogs are either in pain or soon will be as the arthritis progresses.

Unfortunately, dogs tend to hide their pain as a survival instinct, so we often don’t notice the signs of arthritis until they’re already in the later stages of the condition.

As dogs age, their cartilage (cartilage is like a shock absorber that helps the joints move freely) on the surface of their joints starts to thin out. The death of cells in that area causes inflammation of the joints and excessive fluid in the joints.

As the cartilage becomes thinner, the space between their joints shortens. Then, the bone underneath the cartilage starts to deteriorate. Without the cartilage there, it’s basically bone against bone as they walk. They don’t have any cushion there anymore (or at least not much) to take the hit on the joints as they move.

If you’re not sure if your dog has developed arthritis, several of the symptoms you would notice include limping, trouble standing up or laying down, abnormal sleeping habits, stiffness, and/or excessive panting.

How Does CBD Help Canine Arthritis?

Traditional veterinarians may not be pro-CBD for arthritis. But, if you talk to a holistic veterinarian CBD oil is what many of them are recommending.

We don’t want to sway you in only one direction. We want you to make sure you do your research and talk to a veterinarian experienced in holistic medicine to ensure CBD oil is best for your specific dog. Every dog is unique, and a veterinarian experienced with CBD oil should let you know if CBD oil could be helpful in your dog’s case.

Veterinarians generally treat arthritis with steroids or NSAID’s. But, these medications usually stop working after a period of time, and then the arthritis pain could come back worse than ever. And, although the prescription medications temporarily relieve the pain, they’re known to cause further breakdown of the joints. NSAID’s could also carry heavy side effects like stomach bleeding, ulcers, liver problems, and/or kidney disease.

Humans Use CBD Oil for Arthritis, Too

As you know from our website, dogs have an endocannabinoid system similar to ours. That’s why you’ll hear of humans using CBD oil for their arthritis, too. The endocannabinoid system is the system that affects inflammation in the body… so CBD oil has been shown to be so helpful in treating arthritis by reducing the inflammation.

There hasn’t been an extensive amount of research conducted on CBD and arthritis, but the research that has been conducted suggests that CBD may be tolerated much better than prescription medications.

One of the studies was conducted on rats over a 4-day period using different strengths of CBD. The results of the study indicated that CBD helped reduce swelling in the joints and reduced inflammation. The study also showed there was a reduction in pain from arthritis when CBD oil was used.

How Fast Does CBD Oil Work?

As with many natural remedies, it’s not likely you’ll notice the effects immediately upon intake. You may not notice a difference in inflammation, for example, for at least a few days. But, unlike prescription medication, high-quality CBD oil is less likely to carry those heavy side effects prescription medication does (and very rarely has any side effects at all when taken correctly).

What Dosage is Necessary for My Dog?

Providing the correct dose to your dog with arthritis is important. The exact dose for your unique dog will depend on their size, their breed, and the severity of their condition.

What Do the Testimonials Say?

As you know, we provide testimonials from our customers so you’re able to get a better sense of how well CBD works for various ailments. Below you will find several testimonials regarding how CBD has helped our customers’ dogs.

“Pluto had some aches and pains evident by the limping he showed. I put some CannaCanine CBD oil in his food to help with his joint pain. About 30 minutes later, he ran right to his squeek ball! He was playful and energetic after a single dose. We will definitely use again when Pluto is feeling achey! Thank you!” -Pluto

“Our lovely senior sister Meeks, suffers from arthritis. She's a puppy mill rescue dog so hasn't really ever had the strongest back end to begin with (do to poor breeding) but with age (she's 15) she has gotten more stiff and painful. She's been on CBD oil daily since October, and we are so thrilled that our gal is not only generally walking better but she's been up from her bed more often which is a good sign that she isn't feeling stiff and pain. It has been a long time since she felt strong/good enough to be up from bed and just walk, sit & mingle with company. Thank you for making our gal feel good!” -Meeks

“Our 7-year old Momo had an accident while we were on vacation out of the country.  He had a life-threatening spinal injury, was suffering from immense pain and subsequently being traumatized by the whole ordeal of having to go through surgery, needles, various form of tests and being tied up or confined in a strange place without his owners. Although Momo was not a socialized dog to begin with, he had never been really in an attack mode until he was left in the hospital for quite some time after the surgery.  His anxiety and painful experience had turned him into a different dog. Momo soon started using CBD oil as we believe that CBD could significantly reduce chronic inflammation and pain.   We actually noticed that Momo was not suffering from pain and so far he does not have chronic inflammation at all. We also noticed that CBD oil does reduce Momo's post-traumatic anxiety behaviors.  He is much calmer and does not exhibit any hostile or aggressive behavior. We will continue to use CBD oil on Momo and we hope this will help him on his road to recovery!” -Momo

“Over the past year we have been noticing that our senior Dogo Argentino, Dahlia, has been showing signs of pain in her knees and hips due to arthritis and aging. Dahlia had TPLO surgery at 1.5 yrs old and a second surgery on the same knee to remove the plates, screws and some scar tissue at 3.5 yrs old. It started  with some shaking when she would try to get out of bed in the morning and before we knew it she couldn’t jump up on our bed and just wasn’t running and playing as much as she used to. Dahlia is given glucosamine and turmeric paste regularly and we tried cartrophen injections for a while, as well. Nothing was making a big improvement on her quality of life and we were determined to do just that!! After researching CBD oil we thought it would be worth a try. Luckily, through social media, I found CannaCanine and their wonderful products made just for dogs. In the beginning, we didn’t notice much of a change. After about a week on her CBD oil, we started to notice her having more spunk and energy. She has now been taking the CBD oil for 2.5 weeks and it has changed her. She is still a bit stiff in the mornings but, we took her out to the forest yesterday evening and she ran more than she has in years. She was jumping over logs and climbing rocky hills, she was bouncing and prancing all over the place. It was a very joyous moment to see her acting young again! Thank you CannaCanine for a wonderful product!” -Dahlia

Help Your Dog’s Arthritis Now with CBD for Dogs

If your dog is experiencing problems with arthritis, you should consider implementing CBD oil into his daily routine. Should you decide to give it a try, CannaCanine is offering you 30% off of your store purchase. Start shopping now and use code YEAR before the deal ends!


CBD Oil and Seizures: Does it Really Help?


Contributed by Amber Drake

It has been found that one to five percent of dogs have a seizure disorder. Watching your dog have a seizure is a frightening experience, especially when it’s the first time. You feel out of control. And, you’re not exactly sure how to help your dog. If this should happen, you should try to be calm and observe his surroundings to make sure he is away from anything that could harm him. You must also remember they could accidentally bite you if your hands get too close to their mouth during a seizure.

When we adopt our dogs, serious conditions like seizures aren’t usually our main concern. But, learning about everything that could affect our dogs is important.

If you’re unsure of what a seizure looks like, you’ll generally notice the following symptoms:

  • Collapsing

  • Stiffening of the muscles

  • Jerking

  • Loss of consciousness

  • Foaming at the mouth

  • Dazed/confused gaze

After a dog has a seizure, she might have difficulty walking. She may be disoriented. Or, stare off into space. You might also notice her bumping into things she usually knows are there.

CBD has become popular in the dog world. And, it comes as no surprise once you find out it’s not only been found to help with seizures, but with pain, sleep, anxiety, skin problems, cancer, and digestive issues, too.

There are 2 Types of Seizures

There are two types of seizures; symptomatic or idiopathic.

Symptomatic seizures are caused from an abnormality inside or outside of the brain (lead poisoning, encephalitis, head trauma).

Idiopathic epilepsy doesn’t have a cause, though. And, it’s thought to be genetic. Dog breeds who are commonly diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy include English Springer Spaniels, Viszlas, Collies, Beagles, and Dachshunds.

What’s the Best Way to Treat Seizures?

The medication that is prescribed to dogs with seizures can carry heavy side effects including lethargy, long-term liver damage, and/or confusion.

One of the methods dog lovers are turning to is Cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD oil is a non-toxic, natural, and effective form of treatment (of course, make sure you talk to your vet).

When you’re researching CBD and seizures in dogs, there are hundreds of positive testimonials. But, it comes as no surprise that CBD is met with controversy.

CBD Dosage for Dogs

When you choose to use CBD oil for your dog with seizures, it’s important to start at the lowest dose possible. You can then increase the dosage if necessary.

The dosage of the CBD oil is also a discussion you could have with your veterinarian.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

When you’re looking for a new medication for your dog, natural or pharmaceutical, you want to know the side effects.

CBD has no known side effects when administered on its own. However, CBD can have interactions with certain prescribed medication by inhibiting a family of liver enzymes, called cytochrome P450. This enzyme metabolizes more than 60% marketed medications we consume.

Read more about CBD drug interactions here. Click here for a full list of Medications Metabolized by Cytochrome P450 3A4


Dogs are extremely sensitive to THC. THC is the primary psychoactive component of a marijuana plant. Cannabidoil (CBD) is one of 113 compounds found in cannabis plants. The compounds, known as Cannabinoids, are natural and don’t contain any psychoactive properties or effects.

CBD with extremely low doses of THC may help dogs with seizures significantly, though. And, it has been found to be particularly helpful to dogs who are experiencing pain from cancer and/or seizures.

Dr. Stephanie McGrath is a veterinarian who specializes in neurology at Colorado State University. She is an advocate for CBD in veterinary medicine and is currently leading a clinical study on the treatment of epilepsy (which causes seizures).

Testimonials Say it All

Here at CannaCanine, we share testimonials so you’re able to hear real-world experiences about dogs who have used our products. Below, you will read a testimonial about Blaise, a dog who was experiencing seizures. His owner no longer wanted him to take phenobarbital… so she considered CBD oil. The CBD oil worked wonders on Blaise.

“Blaise started to experience seizures when he was just a year old. The seizures started to be mild and were few at the start. I thought nothing of it at first because they were so infrequent. When Blaise was around two and a half he started having partial seizures. These affected half of his body and he would suddenly tumble to the ground.  This was absolutely horrifying to watch as they came often without warning. 

To help combat his seizures I was recommended to give him phenobarbital. Phenobarbital is a common medicine given to dogs to help treat seizures. Several people told me to hold off on the phenobarbital treatments due to the ill side effects on dogs. I decided to wait before starting treatment to see if the seizures would return. By Blaise's third birthday he finally had a full seizure. My worst fears had finally manifested!

Our vet immediately put Blaise on a high dose of phenobarbital for every 12 hours. Blaise became so drugged up that he would lose his balance and fall over. The worst of it was when he fell down twelve flight of stairs! I hated seeing him like this. His perky and fun personality was gone, replaced by lethargy and sadness. Blaise became a shell of the fun dog he once was. 

A a nurse I had read articles on the beneficial effects of CBD oil on seizures. I started to research natural and alternative medicine for canines to learn more about CBD oil. At first I was cautious but decided to try it on Blaise. It was the best decision I could make! I was glad I ordered the CBD treatment. Despite the process of weaning him off of phenobarbital, the first dose of CBD oil made him more alert. Little by little, I got him off the phenobarbital.  

Today, Blaise is seizure free and no longer taking phenobarbital. All thanks to CBD oil!”

Chat with Your Vet

Before implementing CBD oil in your dog’s routine, you should talk to your vet first. If your dog is struggling with a medical condition, you want to make sure you have the dosage right. And, you also want to ensure your dog is a suitable candidate for CBD use.

If your veterinarian isn’t familiar with alternative medicine, you might consider contacting a veterinarian who specializes in it. You can find an alternative veterinarian by searching the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association’s website.

Try it Today!

CannaCanine is 100% organic and non-GMO, two qualities you should search for in any CBD oil to ensure maximum quality. CBD that isn’t organic could contain pesticides and herbicides, which could result in more harm than good for your dog.

CannaCanine only contains two ingredients- organic MCT Coconut Oil and Organic CBD Hemp Oil. This is another factor you should consider when searching for CBD oil for your dog. Generally, the more ingredients there are in the oil, the lower the quality of the oil.

Why is coconut oil included? Coconut oil increases the absorbency of the CBD oil. And, it can work wonders for our dogs. Coconut oil can help with itchy skin, eczema, cuts, scrapes, wounds, and hot spots. And, on top of all of that, it’s a powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral.

I couldn’t wait to try CBD oil for my dogs after learning all the benefits. And, for a limited time, CannaCanine is offering a special promotion.

This year is the Year of the Dog, and to celebrate, CannaCanine is offering you 30% off of your store purchase. Start shopping now and use code YEAR before the deal ends!

The Healthy Way to Support your Dog's Chewing Addiction

Fact: dogs love to chew matter the size! 

Fact: dogs love to chew matter the size! 

Contributed by Lara

Dogs love to chew anything from your old college slippers to your expensive shoes (dogs do not discern between a $5 pair of slippers to a $1000 pair of pumps). If an item meets the dog's chewing standard, it is fair game! The number of items are destroyed due to their chewing addiction can deprive your house of shoes and other prized items. 

Chewing is something that comes naturally to dogs and we don't want to suppress that instinct from them. You want them to chew...just not your stuff! Dogs need to chew as it keeps them occupied both in body and mind! Have you ever seen a dog chew? Once they latch onto something they like and chew... they are in the zone!

There are many benefits of chewing for dogs such as mental stimulation, oral health, and stress release. Dogs need to be physically and mentally stimulated as well. Although long brisk walks and fun play dates at the dog park provide great exercise, chewing helps them to concentrate and provides mental stimulation in doing so. Chewing also helps with oral health by keeping their teeth clean, removing the plaque and tarter. Teething puppies get relief by helping to sooth the discomfort of those new chompers coming in. It helps to exercise their jaw muscles too! 

Chewing is an excellent way to keep your dog’s oral health in top shape. The act itself exercises the jaw muscles, scrapes plaque and tartar off of the teeth and soothes the discomfort of a teething puppy. Further, raw bones provide enzymes that help break down the tartar in your dog’s teeth, leaving them cleaner and their breath fresher. Chewing also smooths the teeth and makes it more difficult for periodontal disease to move in. Tooth and gum disease is an ever-growing problem in our dogs today, so keeping their teeth clean and healthy is important.

No mom...I didn't chew your was the cat! 

No mom...I didn't chew your was the cat! 

The problem is that many chew toys on the market contain harmful toxins that can seriously harm dogs. Have you ever walked down the aisle shopping for a toy and noticed all of the colourful bright options? These toys are filled with dyes that have known chemicals that can cause cancer and other serious health issues. Reports conducted show that even pet tennis balls contain absurd amounts of lead

CannaCanine offers two great natural products to help those natural chewing craves your dogs get!

The first option is the CBD Elk Antler Chew. Elk antler is amazing simply because it is all natural chew for dogs plus the CBD helps to naturally calm. There are other benefits for the elk antler alone such as:

  • Odour-free so they don't smell or leave a mess behind
  • Full of nutrients like calcium, zinc and potassium
  • Nothing artificial or synthetic
  • Toxin-free
  • Great natural way to help clean teeth
CBD Elk Antler chew

CBD Elk Antler chew

The second option is the Raw Hemp Rope Tug toy. Hemp is a great natural and renewable resource used for food, clothing, manufacturing...and dog toys! Raw hemp rope is the perfect toy for dogs because :

  • Made from 100% organically grown hemp
  • 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly 
  • Herbicide and pesticide free
  • No additives, preservatives, processing chemicals, dyes or bleaching
  • Odour free 
  • Resistant to bacteria, microbes and mildew
  • Safe for consumption 


Raw hemp rope dog tug

Raw hemp rope dog tug


These are some amazing and natural options to help your pup quell their chewing urges. Instead of chewing on harmful toxic chew toys, the CBD Elk Antler Chew and Raw Hemp Rope Tug are a safe and natural alternative. Avoid rawhide chews made in China which can be full of toxins and other deadly chemicals. Your favourite pair of heels will be saved and won't be ruined for date night because your dog thought your shoes was their date for chew night!

These products can be purchased at the CannaCanine store.