Submitted by cnantais

This is Charlie, he was diagnosed with Bone Cancer back in October 2018. He is a 5 year old Shepherd mix. We had no other choice but to amputate his right hind leg when we got the prognosis. After surgery he was of course given many pain killers but nothing could have prepared us for the Phantom pain he started experiencing. He would cry out and was inconsolable. We started given him small doses of the CBD oil and it was the only thing that would relax him in the moment. We did eventually have to get him a prescription muscle relaxer which helped prevent the spasms, but the CBD oil was still the only thing that could calm him instantly! Now that Charlie is healed and back to himself he still enjoys his nightly dose! This had been a true lifesaver! Thank you!



Submitted by @rufiothelostboy

Our lovely senior sister Meeks, suffers from arthritis. She's a puppy mill rescue dog so hasn't really ever had the strongest back end to begin with (do to poor breeding) but with age (she's 15) she has gotten more stiff and painful. She's been on CBD oil daily since October, and we are so thrilled that our gal is not only generally walking better but she's been up from her bed more often which is a good sign that she isn't feeling stiff and pain. It has been a long time since she felt strong/good enough to be up from bed and just walk, sit & mingle with company. Thank you for making our gal feel good! 




Submitted by @tailofzoro

Our 7-year old Momo had an accident while we were on vacation out of the country.  He had a life-threatening spinal injury, was suffering from immense pain and subsequently being traumatized by the whole ordeal of having to go through surgery, needles, various form of tests and being tied up or confined in a strange place without his owners.

Although Momo was not a socialized dog to begin with, he had never been really in an attack mode until he was left in the hospital for quite some time after the surgery.  His anxiety and painful experience had turned him into a different dog.

Momo soon started using CBD oil as we believe that CBD could significantly reduce chronic inflammation and pain.   We actually noticed that Momo was not suffering from pain and so far he does not have chronic inflammation at all.

We also noticed that CBD oil does reduce Momo's post-traumatic anxiety behaviors.  He is much calmer and does not exhibit any hostile or aggressive behavior.

We will continue to use CBD oil on Momo and we hope this will help him on his road to recovery!



Contributed by @fourtwentymarketing

Lyla is a sixteen year old Jack Russell Terrier who suffers from numerous health issues related to old age and anxiety. There was a rapid decline in her health and demeanor over the last couple of months. She would constantly shake due to stress when I left the house and even when I was home. Lyla used to be at the door ready to me with her tail wagging,  alert, and wanting to be let out. Instead, I would come home to find she had urinated all over the floor. Her energy levels were too low for her to even get up and say hi. Lyla was raised in an Italian household so naturally she loved food. Carrots, bananas and pasta being among her favorites. She would hardly touch these foods due to the loss of her appetite. With no appetite, she was lethargic and slept all day. Fetch was of little interest to her as this required too much effort. Even when I asked her to give me paw for a treat she wouldn't be interested... in trick nor treat. Our friends at CannaCanine were beginning to bake CBD dog treats and we started to give them to Lyla. The CBD treats reignited her fiery Jack Russell temperament and spirit in just over a month. At first, it was the little things I noticed like her greeting me at the door and the sudden return her of appetite. She began to bark again to be let out and would demand for food and treats! Lyla was back to chasing squirrels and barking at intruders that threatened her backyard domain. She doesn't shake or have anxiety anymore but seeks out affection and her tail is back to wagging happily. CBD has helped Lyla rejuvenate herself so she can enjoy her senior years in comfort...much to the dismay of neighborhood squirrels! 

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Contributed by @ladybugthepug

Three years ago Ladybug went through a serious surgery for a condition called Intervertebral Disc Disease. It is when the squishy parts of your disc collapse and compress on your spinal cord. Ladybug gave me a huge scare that day when she suddenly couldn't walk properly! Luckily, she had a fantastic team of doctors and specialists to help her through. Since the surgery, Ladybug has done well. However, Ladybug can still have stiff back days! One of my most favourite go to natural treatments is hemp oil (cannabadiol)...also known as CBD. The major misconception is that dogs will get high off of CBD. This is COMPLETELY UNTRUE! Cannabadiol does not contain any psychoactive components like THC. It provides great pain control by targeting receptors in your nervous system! Perfect for Ladybug so she can continue to live a happy life pain free! 


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Contributed by @Lifelike_blaise_boz_stella

Blaise started to experience seizures when he was just a year old. The seizures started to be mild and were few at the start. I thought nothing of it at first because they were so infrequent. When Blaise was around two and a half he started having partial seizures. These affected half of his body and he would suddenly tumble to the ground.  This was absolutely horrifying to watch as they came often without warning. 

To help combat his seizures I was recommended to give him phenobarbital. Phenobarbital is a common medicine given to dogs to help treat seizures. Several people told me to hold off on the phenobarbital treatments due to the ill side effects on dogs. I decided to wait before starting treatment to see if the seizures would return. By Blaise's third birthday he finally had a full seizure. My worst fears had finally manifested!

Our vet immediately put Blaise on a high dose of phenobarbital for every 12 hours. Blaise became so drugged up that he would lose his balance and fall over. The worst of it was when he fell down twelve flight of stairs! I hated seeing him like this. His perky and fun personality was gone, replaced by lethargy and sadness. Blaise became a shell of the fun dog he once was. 

A a nurse I had read articles on the beneficial effects of CBD oil on seizures. I started to research natural and alternative medicine for canines to learn more about CBD oil. At first I was cautious but decided to try it on Blaise. It was the best decision I could make! I was glad I ordered the CBD treatment. Despite the process of weaning him off of phenobarbital, the first dose of CBD oil made him more alert. Little by little, I got him off the phenobarbital.  

Today, Blaise is seizure free and no longer taking phenobarbital. All thanks to CBD oil!