Submitted by Elisa Marchese 

We got Luna when she was 4 months old. She weighed under 20 pounds and you could see almost every bone in her body. We were told by her previous owner that she wasn’t eating because she was just a picky eater and to not be concerned about her appearance. We knew as soon as we saw herthat she was sickand that she was being neglected. One day her behaviour changed from being a joyful, jumping, playful, nub-wagging puppy to a completely lethargic, arched back, crying out in pain and very fatigued pup.We later discovered that Luna has renal dysplasia, which is a type of kidney disease that results in one or two failed kidneys and usually goes undetected until the kidneys are down to 25% functioningwhich only thensymptoms will arise. Unfortunately, we noticed through an ultrasound that she had one shriveled kidney and one abnormally large kidney that looked inflamed. She also had puppy vaginitis (which is common for female pups)on top of that and a UTI not long after.Needless to say, Luna wasn’t doing so good overall, she was still very underweight, and she was getting other infections along the way which made her even more weak…we didn’t think she was going to make it at one point. But, with the help of pain killers, a diet change and some antibiotics she was getting back on track. Luna still wasn’t the same though, and we didn’t want to keep her on pain killers forever.Therefore, we started talking to relatives about her condition and luckily, we were referred to CannaCanine for CBD oil to help with inflammation. We started her on a bottle right away and within 2 weeks of her being on the 1000 Mg bottle of CBD oil we noticed a significant change in her behaviour. Luna was more alert, playful, pain freeand had a bigger appetite. Months later, when she was due for a check up our vet was shocked to see that 3 out of 4 of Luna’slevels that were too high went back down to normal (which was incredibly exciting news for us. It was a huge improvement).Luna also progressively gained a healthy amount of weightwhich was great! If it wasn’t for CannaCanine and their CBD oil were not sure how Luna would be today. Now to this day she is doing amazing, she is stable and back to being her happy, goofy, loving, active self and for that we couldn’t be happier! We would defiantly recommend CBD oil to other animals who might be suffering.

Thank you so much CannaCanine!!


Luna, Andrew & Elisa