How Could CBD Help My Dog's Arthritis?



Contributed by Amber Drake

Watching your dog go through a debilitating illness is devastating. It becomes even more devastating as the systems progress. Does your dog suffer from chronic pain day in and day out from their arthritis? Does she have trouble being comfortable? Trouble relaxing? If so, CBD oil could be the answer for you.

What’s Arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition not even dogs can escape. Generally, arthritis is most common in older dogs, but younger dogs could experience arthritis, too.

One in five dogs develop arthritis. That’s a significant number of dogs when you think about it. 1/5 of all dogs are either in pain or soon will be as the arthritis progresses.

Unfortunately, dogs tend to hide their pain as a survival instinct, so we often don’t notice the signs of arthritis until they’re already in the later stages of the condition.

As dogs age, their cartilage (cartilage is like a shock absorber that helps the joints move freely) on the surface of their joints starts to thin out. The death of cells in that area causes inflammation of the joints and excessive fluid in the joints.

As the cartilage becomes thinner, the space between their joints shortens. Then, the bone underneath the cartilage starts to deteriorate. Without the cartilage there, it’s basically bone against bone as they walk. They don’t have any cushion there anymore (or at least not much) to take the hit on the joints as they move.

If you’re not sure if your dog has developed arthritis, several of the symptoms you would notice include limping, trouble standing up or laying down, abnormal sleeping habits, stiffness, and/or excessive panting.

How Does CBD Help Canine Arthritis?

Traditional veterinarians may not be pro-CBD for arthritis. But, if you talk to a holistic veterinarian CBD oil is what many of them are recommending.

We don’t want to sway you in only one direction. We want you to make sure you do your research and talk to a veterinarian experienced in holistic medicine to ensure CBD oil is best for your specific dog. Every dog is unique, and a veterinarian experienced with CBD oil should let you know if CBD oil could be helpful in your dog’s case.

Veterinarians generally treat arthritis with steroids or NSAID’s. But, these medications usually stop working after a period of time, and then the arthritis pain could come back worse than ever. And, although the prescription medications temporarily relieve the pain, they’re known to cause further breakdown of the joints. NSAID’s could also carry heavy side effects like stomach bleeding, ulcers, liver problems, and/or kidney disease.

Humans Use CBD Oil for Arthritis, Too

As you know from our website, dogs have an endocannabinoid system similar to ours. That’s why you’ll hear of humans using CBD oil for their arthritis, too. The endocannabinoid system is the system that affects inflammation in the body… so CBD oil has been shown to be so helpful in treating arthritis by reducing the inflammation.

There hasn’t been an extensive amount of research conducted on CBD and arthritis, but the research that has been conducted suggests that CBD may be tolerated much better than prescription medications.

One of the studies was conducted on rats over a 4-day period using different strengths of CBD. The results of the study indicated that CBD helped reduce swelling in the joints and reduced inflammation. The study also showed there was a reduction in pain from arthritis when CBD oil was used.

How Fast Does CBD Oil Work?

As with many natural remedies, it’s not likely you’ll notice the effects immediately upon intake. You may not notice a difference in inflammation, for example, for at least a few days. But, unlike prescription medication, high-quality CBD oil is less likely to carry those heavy side effects prescription medication does (and very rarely has any side effects at all when taken correctly).

What Dosage is Necessary for My Dog?

Providing the correct dose to your dog with arthritis is important. The exact dose for your unique dog will depend on their size, their breed, and the severity of their condition.

What Do the Testimonials Say?

As you know, we provide testimonials from our customers so you’re able to get a better sense of how well CBD works for various ailments. Below you will find several testimonials regarding how CBD has helped our customers’ dogs.

“Pluto had some aches and pains evident by the limping he showed. I put some CannaCanine CBD oil in his food to help with his joint pain. About 30 minutes later, he ran right to his squeek ball! He was playful and energetic after a single dose. We will definitely use again when Pluto is feeling achey! Thank you!” -Pluto

“Our lovely senior sister Meeks, suffers from arthritis. She's a puppy mill rescue dog so hasn't really ever had the strongest back end to begin with (do to poor breeding) but with age (she's 15) she has gotten more stiff and painful. She's been on CBD oil daily since October, and we are so thrilled that our gal is not only generally walking better but she's been up from her bed more often which is a good sign that she isn't feeling stiff and pain. It has been a long time since she felt strong/good enough to be up from bed and just walk, sit & mingle with company. Thank you for making our gal feel good!” -Meeks

“Our 7-year old Momo had an accident while we were on vacation out of the country.  He had a life-threatening spinal injury, was suffering from immense pain and subsequently being traumatized by the whole ordeal of having to go through surgery, needles, various form of tests and being tied up or confined in a strange place without his owners. Although Momo was not a socialized dog to begin with, he had never been really in an attack mode until he was left in the hospital for quite some time after the surgery.  His anxiety and painful experience had turned him into a different dog. Momo soon started using CBD oil as we believe that CBD could significantly reduce chronic inflammation and pain.   We actually noticed that Momo was not suffering from pain and so far he does not have chronic inflammation at all. We also noticed that CBD oil does reduce Momo's post-traumatic anxiety behaviors.  He is much calmer and does not exhibit any hostile or aggressive behavior. We will continue to use CBD oil on Momo and we hope this will help him on his road to recovery!” -Momo

“Over the past year we have been noticing that our senior Dogo Argentino, Dahlia, has been showing signs of pain in her knees and hips due to arthritis and aging. Dahlia had TPLO surgery at 1.5 yrs old and a second surgery on the same knee to remove the plates, screws and some scar tissue at 3.5 yrs old. It started  with some shaking when she would try to get out of bed in the morning and before we knew it she couldn’t jump up on our bed and just wasn’t running and playing as much as she used to. Dahlia is given glucosamine and turmeric paste regularly and we tried cartrophen injections for a while, as well. Nothing was making a big improvement on her quality of life and we were determined to do just that!! After researching CBD oil we thought it would be worth a try. Luckily, through social media, I found CannaCanine and their wonderful products made just for dogs. In the beginning, we didn’t notice much of a change. After about a week on her CBD oil, we started to notice her having more spunk and energy. She has now been taking the CBD oil for 2.5 weeks and it has changed her. She is still a bit stiff in the mornings but, we took her out to the forest yesterday evening and she ran more than she has in years. She was jumping over logs and climbing rocky hills, she was bouncing and prancing all over the place. It was a very joyous moment to see her acting young again! Thank you CannaCanine for a wonderful product!” -Dahlia

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